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Pre-Emergent Treatments
Pre-emergent treatments are designed to keep your landscaped, non-turf areas weed free for a six month period.  These treatments are applied in the spring and fall seasons when the seeds of weeds begin to germinate.

Knockdown Treatments
Knockdown treatments are designed to kill weeds that have already emerged and are visible in the landscape.  These treatments are applied as needed whenever unsightly weeds are present.

Olive Tree Spraying
Olive tree fruit suppression is designed to prevent olive trees from producing so many olives.  This treatment is applied in February before the fruit starts to form from the blossoms.  In addition to greatly reducing the mess and staining that comes with fallen olives, the pollen released by these blooming trees is also reduced, which is great for allergy sufferers.  Olive tree pollen is one of the most potent and sensitizing of the allergenic plants of Arizona.


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