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Pigeon Control
People ordinarily don’t think of birds as pests, but when birds gather in too great a number or in places where they don't belong, they can become a nuisance, or sometimes even pose a safety or health hazard.

Pigeons Pose a Health Risk
Pigeons can be more than just a nuisance.
Reports from federal health officials state “ Pigeon droppings carry dozens of germs such as those that cause meningitis and the fungal diseases histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis.”

Direct contact with pigeon droppings is not necessary to obtain the negative effects. The droppings, once dry, can become airborne and cause a higher risk of inhalation. Exposure to these fungi can infect the body without touching them with the skin.

Pigeons also attract other insects that can spread illness

Pigeon Droppings Are Corrosive

According to the Feral Pigeon Control Environmental Health Guide, pigeons can cause “damage to buildings and monuments due to the highly corrosive nature of acid in pigeon droppings.”

Pigeons Deface Property
Defacement of buildings, vehicles, trees, shrubs, lawns, benches and fountains by pigeon excrement occurs where the birds habitually congregate.

Solving the pigeon problem
We offer a variety of solutions for pigeon problems, including:
  • Exclusions: Closing off favored areas and creating barriers where pigeons prefer to nest and roost.
  • Deterrents: Deterring birds from landing, roosting, or loafing on your roof using effective state-of-the-art products
  • Trapping and removal
  • Removal of excrement / maintenance

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