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They're everywhere. They eat almost anything! They have few natural predators. Home owners find that Ants are among the most difficult-to-control pests in the world.

The National Pest Control Association says pest control experts list 27 common varieties of house-infesting ants in the U.S. In most cases, ants are merely a nuisance, but some species can cause damage. This damage includes contaminating food, destroying seeds, damaging plants, and attacking and injuring (sometimes killing) animals, including humans. Fire ants, common throughout the south, attack and produce a painful sting.

Structural damage by insects is not limited to termites. Carpenter ants can damage structures sometimes to a greater extend than termites. They can excavate wood and create smooth flowing tunnels, weakening a structure.

Ant control in a home depends on the species since their behavioral patterns, likes and dislikes often differ. Various insecticides and baits are available over the counter, however, their effectiveness is sometimes limited. Professional pest control companies employ and train technicians in this complex art of ant control.

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